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Peter Walther:  "I was delighted with the service and personalized attention I received from The Burns Agency, especially Lindsay Bingham.  Having need of some documentation of earlier insurance records she was right on spot in attending to my request, even going so far as to do some detective work in former files to ensure that my needs were met.  My relationship with Dave Burns and his family goes back to 1980.  He and his colleagues have never failed me.  Customer service is what many firms pay lip service to, but with The Burns Agency it really means something.  It is a way they manage their business, and as such their public profiling and the ethical way they treat their customers needs to be celebrated and treasured.  On a personal note, thank you very much Lindsay B."

Frank & Faye Cittadino: “The Burns Agency has a reputation for being a small town icon. We would recommend this agency to all our friends and family. We worked with Dave, Julie, Wendy and Mary who were all a huge help. Their customer service is beyond what anyone can imagine. They are timely and punctual!”

Charles and Cynthia Kershner, Courier Enterprises, Inc.: “We heard about The Burns Agency when we purchased our business, a local newspaper, 19 years ago. We have both Commercial and Personal policies with this outstanding agency. If we had to rate their service, it would be a perfect 10! And you know, when you find good service, you just stick with it!”

Chris and Barbara Blatz, Clinton Agway: “In 1976 I moved to Clinton NY, and started Car Insurance with The Burns Agency. I don’t bother comparing companies, The Burns Agency is the best for me and that’s what matters.”

MaryLisa Nolan: “My father was with The Burns agency for years. It’s tradition, my husband and I have also been with The Burns Agency for years. This is generations of families dealing with David Burns’ father. It’s like family, there is no comparison!”

Steve Speno: “I'm writing to thank you for the excellent service that you and your staff have provided to me for many years. I'm actually not sure when I first began doing business with The Burns Agency, but I bet it was in the late '70s, about the time you started there. Since that time, whenever I've had a question about insurance for my family or my business, the people at The Burns Agency have always been very helpful. This is why I have suggested to my children that they also look to The Burns Agency for their insurance. My daughter has her car insurance with you now and my son will be needing a homeowners policy soon. In this age of Big Box This and Internet That, I know that my kids can simply call or walk in your door and get sound advice and a good deal. Many thanks for years of excellent service.”

Ralph B. regarding a homeowners policy claim: “This proves that, when dealing with a small, local insurance company, adjustments and necessary actions are handled in a very prompt manner. My wife and I were also impressed with Julie’s follow-up which resulted in a satisfactory conclusion.”

Susan B. regarding an auto claim: “Mary was so helpful to me. I appreciate her patience with me and her help in explaining things to me. Karen Murphy at Mercury was also very helpful in guiding me through the necessary steps.”

Alan P. regarding an auto claim: “I feel that Julie did a great job in dealing with the problems that came up with the insurance company. This is one reason that I like staying with The Burns Agency.”

Doug S. after an antique auto claim: “Whenever I talk with my agency they’re very courteous. That’s the great thing about a small town business, everyone knows each other!”

Susan K. regarding a homeowners claim: “I have had nothing but positive experiences with Travelers and with The Burns Agency staff.”

Joe & Mary after a theft claim: “Julie is exceptional to work with.”

Wayne & Margaret after hail damage: “I no sooner called and you were right on the case. I had my check within a week!”

William & Esther regarding an auto claim: “Anytime I called or came in with questions people were very professional and helpful. The claims process was made much easier with your guidance and expertise.”

Jaclyn T. regarding an auto claim: “I called Safeco on a Friday evening and they filed my claim, set me up with a rental car, and were very helpful! The Burns Agency also followed up the following week with paperwork. Overall, very pleased.”

Mary M. after an accident: “Everything went very smoothly. The service made the process of recovering from the accident a lot easier.”

Douglas G. regarding an auto claim: “Everyone I talked with was very courteous and my claim was handled promptly.”

Hazel H. regarding a property loss: “Thank you for all your help.”

Stephen K. after a homeowners claim: “Claims and other dealings with The Burns Agency have always been satisfactory.  Mary has always been courteous, prompt, and acting in our best interest.”

David T. after an auto claim: “I am very happy doing business with The Burns Agency.”

Patricia P. regarding an auto claim: “A good experience out of a bad situation anytime you have an accident.  Julie was great as always!”

Doris W. regarding a homeowners claim: “I was very satisfied with the way my claim was handled.  They were very timely.”

William C. regarding an auto claim: “Everyone we spoke with was very eager to help.  They were also very polite.”

Alan S. regarding a homeowners claim: “We appreciated the follow-up call from The Burns Agency to make sure our needs were being met.”

Gaylord T. after a fire loss: “The Burns Agency is always competent and courteous. The claims adjuster found damage that neither the contractor nor I had previously seen.”

Wayne S. after an auto claim: “It was a pleasure to do business with The Burns Agency and New York Central Mutual.  Mary followed up later to see if the work was done to my satisfaction, which it was.”

James R. regarding an auto claim: “The help at The Burns Agency made a very emotional day turn around somewhat.  Thanks.”

James C. after an auto loss: “The claim was handled smoothly and fast.  Thank you for the quick response.”

Edwin P. after an auto claim: “Your services were outstanding.”

David D. after a claim: “Julie is the best!  She deals with all of our issues and calls in a prompt and courteous manner.”

Diana M. regarding an auto claim: “I am happy with your service, especially Julie's.  She is always helpful and knowledgeable.”

Molly M. after an auto claim: “Julie is awesome & so helpful. Once the car was looked at by NYCM I received my claim check the same day / next day I received the figures.”

Lidia K. after a property claim: “We are always treated courteously & competently at The Burns Agency.”

Pat P. regarding an auto claim: “Julie is great and I would like you to know that I would definitely recommend The Burns Agency to anyone in need of an insurance agency.”

Carol K. after an auto claim: “I am always comfortable calling or stopping by your office with questions or in need of your assistance. The owner of the other vehicle was impressed as well with how comfortable & prompt Travelers was to deal with in what could have been a stressful situation. Thank you.”

Paul S. regarding a home claim: “I feel there is no other way you can improve your agency, you people did 100% at the job. Thank you very much.”

Roger P. after a home claim: “Service was very good! The people at The Burns Agency were very courteous and prompt. The adjuster from The Hartford was very professional and prompt.”

Donna K. after a homeowners claim: “Mary was wonderful.”

Ken & Pamela after a homeowners claim: “It took ten days to get an adjuster to my house. However it is understandable considering how much damage there was from two major storms in the northeast. Thanks for all your help!”

William W. after a homeowners claim: “I was very pleased with how everything was handled. Things were settled in a very professional and timely manner.”

Cheryl P. regarding a homeowners claim: “I am very happy with the help to me during this time. Your office staff I feel went beyond to help me receive some form of compensation for water damage caused by Tropical Storm Lee. With much gratitude, thank you.”

L.P. & K. S. regarding an auto claim: “Mary is my rep and has always provided superb service. This was a fairly straightforward claim but nonetheless was processed as expeditiously and professionally as I could have expected. Thank you!”

Bob B. regarding a glass loss: “The company claims adjuster seemed to have dropped the ball, but with one call Julie took care of the situation. Like always, everyone at The Burns Agency is very professional. I like very much all the personnel at The Burns Agency. Thank you Julie & Mary.”

Rodney & Charlene after a homeowners claim: “Mary was a big help... (she) did several follow-up calls to keep me informed. (The company's) claim representative was very professional and answered all my questions. Very fast claim adjustment.”

Donald & Shirley after an auto claim: “I was treated well by all involved.”

Kathleen B. after a glass loss: “I think you are very understanding. The Burns Agency is very helpful.”

Brian O. regarding a comprehensive claim: “Thank you to everyone at The Burns Agency.”

Lisa F. after an auto claim: “Thank you for everything!!”

James M. after a collision claim: “The Burns Agency was a great deal of help. Thank you.”

Tom D. after a towing claim: “Very easy, pleased with service.”

Rosemarie B. regarding an auto claim: “I was treated wonderfully and contacted by Vicki (at the insurance company) who was very nice.”

William & Esther after an auto claim: “Very good service all around.”

Pam V. just because: “Dear 'Burns Agency' You're the best! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Aunt Pam" Thank you, for the goodies! (and  again!!, and again!!!) You are so sweet Pam.

Carl & Lidia after an auto loss: “I began the claim dealing directly with the insurance company and was having difficulty connecting with a person. When I reported the claim to The Burns Agency I felt the process went smoothly and the service was competent, courteous and prompt.”

Frank & Rita regarding a collision claim: “You were very prompt! The service so far has been very good. We are bringing the car to be fixed soon. Hopefully everything will continue to go well.”

Howard Q. after a fire loss: “Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you.”

Bart R. after a glass loss: “My windshield was repaired in less than 24 hours after it was damaged!”

Robert & Linda regarding an auto claim: “I was treated very courteously, the service was very prompt, and you helped with all the paperwork so I didn't have any problems.”

Jack & Donna after a collision: “Great service!”

Roger K. after a claim: “I've dealt with Mary and Julie many times and their courtesy and professionalism are second to none. A real asset to The Burns Agency!”

Cynthia J. regarding a collision claim: “Julie was very helpful in my time of need with all paperwork. Thank you.”

Jean A.: “Very friendly people - nice to do business with a local insurance agency.”

Gerard R. after an auto claim: “Over the years my experience has been very positive with NYCM, more important, the people at The Burns Agency are outstanding!”

Mark & Kristyn regarding a glass loss: “I am very happy with the service and the work that was completed. Mary at The Burns Agency is great.”

Charles H. after a glass claim: “Mary at The Burns Agency was very professional and prompt, wonderful person. Maugeri's did an excellent job on my windshield.”

Stan & Chiquita regarding an auto claim: “Excellent Service”

Jim M. after an auto claim: “Both The Burns Agency and NYCM Insurance were very helpful and very nice.”

Donna K. regarding a homeowners claim: “Exceptional service. Big fan of Peerless.”

Paul & Renee M.: “My agent, Mary, was very prompt & professional handling this matter for me.”

Dannie & Melissa after a glass loss: “Very pleased!”

Rebecca S. regarding an auto claim: “All the service was polite, competent, and courteous. It was handled in a very timely manner also. Thank you :)”

Claude & Carol H. after a collision: “I was treated very well and they helped me right away. The service from The Burns Agency was very prompt and Progressive Insurance was very fast and courteous.”

Nicholas & Mary Jane after a homeowners loss: “Service was very good. All areas were handled very courteously.”

Marie Elena S. regarding an auto claim: “I was treated very courteously when I reported my claim to The Burns Agency. The worker was extremely helpful. The Burns Agency worker, Michele from Travelers (by phone), and Brian (the claim adjuster) all did an excellent job!”

Thomas M. after a water damage loss: “My claim adjuster, Steve Diveronica, treated me courteously and was very informative, friendly, and helpful. This was the most prompt service ever.”

Joseph & Karen B.: “I was very impressed with every aspect of my claim. Each department adjuster was so prompt and helpful. This was my first "accident" in five years of driving and my experience was such a good one! I am so glad that Travelers is my insurance company. Thank you for being there.”

Dominick & Sandra after a homeowners claim: “We were pleased with the timeline it took to settle the claim.”

David D. regarding a glass loss: “I was treated very courteously be the claim adjuster. The Burns Agency provided me with excellent and courteous service.”

Alan & Jean after an auto claim: “I stay with The Burns Agency because they are prompt, courteous, and always upbeat. Great company to do business with.”

Terry & Dulcie W. regarding a collision: “Not just this time but every time – we are very impressed by your expertise and knowledge. Never had a better insurance agency.”

Ken & Sheila B.: “Great service from all at the Clinton office. All are courteous and are able to help on a very timely basis. Julie, Mary, and Wendy keep up what you do! We much appreciate!”

Russell M. after switching his insurance to The Burns Agency: “I give The Burns Agency a rating of 5 out of 5. Julie's smart and efficient work made the closing on our house much easier than we expected!”

Stephen and Charlotte regarding a comprehensive claim: “Always treated competently, courteously, and promptly by Mary.”

Paul A. after a collision: “Julie is a considerable asset to your company. She goes above and beyond whenever I call. Thanks!”

Stanley D. regarding a collision: “The Burns Agency helped me through a difficult and unfamiliar situation by walking me through it each step of the way. The staff was very much appreciated and were very helpful every time I had any questions. Thanks.”

Janet and Todd J. after a dwelling fire claim: “The company claim rep was a great guy–very thorough and professional. The service was extremely prompt–within the same day. It was quick and easy and they were able to make repairs and satisfy my tenant.”

Mark and Carol K.: “We were treated competently and courteously and the service was reasonably prompt. Thank you :)”

Acee & Monica after a homeowners claim: “I always feel like a valued customer, whether it is just to have a question answered or, in this case, a claim.”

Timothy and Gretchen M. regarding a comprehensive claim: “Mary was very nice and helpful! Thank you for making what could have been a very stressful situation go smoothly. Your (Mary's) follow-up call a few days later was much appreciated. I'm so happy I switched to The Burns Agency for all my insurance needs!”

Janet and Ralph B. after a collision: “I feel everything was handled in a professional, courteous, and timely fashion. Any questions I might have had were also handled with patience and reassuring!”

George and Ofelia D.: “Your staff, especially Mary, went beyond what was necessary by calling us and keeping us informed on the claim.”

Charles & Shirley C. regarding a collision: “Everything was handled professionally. Thanks.”

John and Mary Lou after an auto claim: “Mary did a fine job and got back to me promptly when necessary.”

Judith E.: “The service was incredibly prompt. It was a pleasure dealing with you and Utica National.”

Ben and Laurie M. after a collision: “Prompt, professional service with genuine interest in our well-being. Thank you.”

Paul & Debra H. regarding a collision: “I called the Utica National office (after hours) and the call took all of 5 minutes. Repairs were done by Precision Unlimited with a lifetime guarantee on repairs.”

Terry & Katherine H. after an auto claim: “I was treated competently and courteously by The Burns Agency and the service was reasonably prompt. Thanks again!”

Charles and Jacquelyn regarding a homeowners claim: “I was treated competently and courteously by both The Burns Agency and Travelers. The claims adjuster was very good and prompt.”

Jaclyn & Thomas after a collision: “Very impressed with both Burns and Progressive. Within 24 hours, the accident was reported, I had a repair quote, and both Mary and Julie had been in contact with me and sent me all necessary documents. Thank you!”

Christopher and Michelle N.: “Everyone was great. We were helped quickly, courteously, and with respect, even my daughter.”

Nick & Suzanne B. regarding a collision: “I was treated competently and courteously by The Burns Agency and the claim adjuster, and the service was prompt. Everything was fantastic! New York Central did have a hard time explaining their relationship with Whitesboro Frame and Body as a preferred shop. Never quite got it - but I'm pretty slow.”

Catherine M.: “I called on a Saturday and the adjuster had come by Wednesday. We have always been impressed with the service we have received from The Burns Agency and New York Central Mutual. It is so nice to know that even 90 miles away I am treated like a neighbor.”

John & Lucy E. after an auto claim: “The Burns Agency and Rockford's Auto Glass were most courteous! All people were great. Thank you.”

John D.: “The entire process was conducted with the same efficiency and courtesy I always receive from the people at The Burns Agency.”

James M. regarding an auto claim: “It took my company two weeks to settle my claim, which is much too long in my opinion. The Burns Agency was very nice, and very helpful, and I thank them.”

Radford C. after an auto claim: “Everything was 100%.”

Daniel F.: “I have received information and service in the last year. The Burns Agency always does a good job.”

Betty O. after a comprehensive claim: “I am very satisfied with The Burns Agency and New York Central Mutual Insurance.”

William & Margaret T. regarding an auto claim: “As always, I really appreciate you all! Julie was extremely helpful and professional.”

Gerald & Charlene: “Julie was a great help with our problem. She explained what we had to do and was very courteous and very helpful.”

Carol V. after a collision: “I would recommend The Burns Agency and Farmers Insurance Group in a heartbeat.”

Roger & Elizabeth B. regarding a homeowners claim: “The service was excellent and the claim adjuster was very courteous. I was very pleased with all persons handling the claim.”

Karl & Jill S.: “The glass company in Franklinville came right to our house - he was professional, explained his procedure of repairs, was personable and did a good job. Thank you!”

John G. after an auto claim: “Mary is a real asset for The Burns Agency.”

Eva C.: “The adjuster came within a few days and was very thorough. I had a lot of damage and he documented it well.”

Kenneth & Pamela: “The service was very prompt! Julie is outstanding!”

Stephen H. after a homeowners claim: “The service was very prompt. Thank you for your help during this time.”

Daniel & Priscilla B. regarding a homeowners claim: “We didn't think insurance would cover the damage we sustained from the storm. I called Julie to ask about adding extra coverage to our account and she went and found a clause on our policy that I never knew about that would cover our situation. The claim adjuster came out two days later and we had a check when he left. We are so grateful to Julie and The Burns Agency for helping us to get the most out of our coverage and making sure we were taken care of!”

Edward & Delphina R.: “Great agent, adjuster, and wonderful company. Made our claim easy and explained the policy/coverage so we knew just what we needed.”

David & Nancy G. after a homeowners claim: “We feel we were treated with courtesy at a very difficult time for us.”

James & Miranda regarding a homeowners claim: “The Burns Agency was very courteous and professional. The entire experience was good.”

Laura P.: “Everyone was very helpful.”

Howard L. after a property claim: “A simple phrase describes it all - 100% satisfied. The claim adjuster was a very courteous person and compassionate to our situation. A phone call was made the day of the flood directly to the insurance company, and the following day an insurance claim adjuster was at our door - he was very courteous, pleasant, and extended empathy in one of our darker days! Thank you for such prompt service!”

William & Bonnie: “I couldn't have had better service and coverage. Julie, you are a real asset to the agency and I will recommend you to everyone.”

John & Nuala C.: “I thought the service was excellent and I was treated very well and I have a very good feeling towards your service and response. David - you have bolstered and fortified my feeling about your company and you as a fine person and an important person in the community and I appreciate your concern and services.”

Susan & Daniel regarding a collision: “The Burns Agency has been responsive and responsible for my family for over 20 years - why I continue to insure with you. Hats off to Julie. Thank you.”

Karl & Jill S. after an auto claim: “We were treated competently and courteously by The Burns Agency and the claim adjuster, and the service was very prompt. Thank you for helping us so much!”

Judy B.: “Julie at The Burns Agency is super! She is always searching for the best deal for her clients...she even initiates the call!”

Susan & Daniel after a homeowners claim: “Your agency has served us well for over 20 years - Julie is an exceptional agent. And we have lived in Cazenovia for the last 13 years.”

Gale & Mary: “Reporting was delayed (due to volume of flood claims), but the adjuster was excellent in time of crisis. He was professional in handling every aspect of claim and should be recognized for professional work. Took the "fear" out of "dealing" with insurance company.”

Terry & Katherine H. regarding an auto claim: “Thank you for being there year in and out.”

Barton & Barbara after a collision: “Claim adjuster did not allow repair of minor damage to rear bumper, which did occur during the accident. However, I am very pleased with final outcome. Excellent job done by Whitesboro Frame & Body!”

William H.: “Julie Freemire was the epitome of courtesy and professionalism, as usual. It is always a pleasure to deal with her. (She deserves a raise!)”

Amanda M. regarding a collision: “My claim rep from Progressive was amazing. He called me and kept me in the loop about my car. He also helped with problems that I had with the rental car company.”

Christine & Thomas I.: “Julie is always very attentive and helpful and my treatment reaffirms my decision to use The Burns Agency.”

Felice S. after a homeowners claim: “Our company rep and our claim adjuster were both kind and outstanding professionals. They were both considerate in our time of need. A burglary is a terrible experience. We are grateful to both of them for being so kind to us and listening, they made it feel less frightful.”

John B. regarding an auto claim: “No paperwork – No hassle. Thank you.”

Carolyn D.: “Excellent response time, thorough response. The claim adjuster was excellent – very helpful and kind. The service was extremely prompt. I called Friday afternoon and the issue was resolved by Monday morning. Julie was wonderful and so were the Travelers reps. I was very happy with the entire process. It was very stressful and because of your staff, I was put at ease.”

Catherine M. after a collision: “We have been with The Burns Agency for more than thirty years because of their continued concern for the client and their prompt service.”

Kathleen C. regarding an auto claim: “Great service – Thank you!”

Steven & Debra: “We are very happy with the service that your agency provides. Julie Freemire is our agent and we have always been very pleased with how she has handled our claims and needs.”

Jonathon & Tracy after a homeowners claim: “When I called in my claim, I wasn't subjected to a voice recording thanking me for my anticipated patience, I was directed to an extremely professional staff that answered all my questions and processed my claim. Thank you very much.”

Kevin C. regarding a homeowners claim: “I was kept up to date on status of claim and what was going on.”

Philip C.: “I am very happy with everyone involved with everything that happened.”

Elizabeth C. after a collision: “The Burns Agency is very professional.”

John B. regarding an auto claim: “The Burns Agency is the best!”

Sally E. after a homeowners claim: “Very happy with the entire process!”

Nancy & Mark: “You guys were great. Thanks for your prompt and courteous care.”

Denise R. regarding a homeowners claim: “Very professional service – thank you. Also I can't speak more highly for Service Master. They packed everything excellent and were very careful especially with my good dishes.”

Susan M. & Daniel C. regarding a collision: “As always, our claim was processed efficiently and courteously.”

Emil & Angela N. after a collision: “I would recommend The Burns Agency to anyone.”

Robert & Chiarine N. regarding water damage: “Mary is really good.”

Kenneth T. regarding a collision: “Mary at The Burns Agency was very helpful. She mailed me information, followed up by phone, and then helped me fill out forms. She took pictures of my car to document that it only had a few scratches on the front bumper. She advised that the pictures would be sent to the company for my file and record. She was very pleasant to work with.”

Timothy J. & Gretchen M. after a collision: “I know I'm in good hands with the helpful staff at The Burns Agency! Thank you!”

Annette G. regarding a collision: “I reported the accident to Traveler's on Saturday morning. By 9 am on Monday I received a call from "Sean" - the adjuster, and someone looked at my car and gave me an estimate the same day. Very fast service. Then Julie also called me to see if I needed any help. All these things made it easier and less stressful. Thanks!”

Gregory & Cynthia M.: “You all are the best!”

John G. regarding a homeowners claim: “I couldn't be happier with Mary and the Agency. The adjuster and company had a prompt response.”

Julia D.: “It doesn't matter where I am in the country, I will always use The Burns Agency because everyone is kind, patient, and prompt!”

Gerhard R. regarding a collision: “Mary is a great asset to your company.”

David & Peggy B.: “I love The Burns Agency.”

Michael D. regarding a homeowners claim: “I was treated very well with the utmost courtesy and respect.”

Timothy J. & Gretchen M. after a collision: “Julie is always friendly and helpful! Thank you for all of your help!”

Karl & Jill S. regarding a glass loss: “Thanks so much for helping us!”

James P. regarding a homeowners claim: “I received a check from The Burns Agency within three days of the report. You can't get any better than that.”

Scott & Rebecca H. regarding a collision: “This was my first accident and the entire staff helped me through it step-by-step. I am extremely appreciative of each and every one that helped me through this process.”

Gary & Pamela Z. after a full glass loss: “Very professional and courteous. I could not have done a better job if I did it myself.”

Scott & Virginia K. after a collision: “My agent Mary, as usual, took care of everything.”

William & Jacquelyn M. regarding a homeowners claim: “Very courteous and timely.”

Leland & Margaret C. after a theft: “Everyone has been very sympathetic, helpful and competent!!”

Tracy & Aaron L. regarding a homeowners claim: “I hope I never have to call upon you again (because who wants damage to their home) but I am so glad we have Travelers. The confidence in knowing we are well protected is insurmountable.”

Leslie and Katherine H. after a collision: “Exceptional!!!”

Maggy A. and Salwa H. regarding a homeowners claim: “We are very pleased with the response we got. Your agents are very responsible people and we are grateful for the help.”

Debra R. regarding a collision: “I was happy to hear that I had accident forgiveness. My insurance did not go up.”

Susan M. & Daniel C. after a collision: “This has been a difficult year for us. Your office is always helpful and reassuring.”

Seth M. & Sarah M. regarding a glass loss: “Julie was very helpful. Her experience and quick action are much appreciated."

Nannette & Jack A. regarding service: “You are always so helpful and we appreciate it. Thank you so much." Thank you for the cookies! You are so kind!

Albert & Gloria S. regarding a homeowners claim: “Great service. Also, the adjuster from Utica National was very helpful and efficient."

Paul & Cynthia S. after a collision: “We were treated competently and courteously. The claims adjuster - Scott, was great to work with."

Megan B. regarding a watercraft claim: “Working with both The Burns Agency as well as Travelers was a very pleasant experience. It all moved quickly and was very satisfactory."

Alberta W. after a homeowners claim: “I was very happy! Great job."

Robert & Mary F. regarding a homeowners claim: “My parents had insurance with Utica National in Lowville for 40 years. I changed agencies to be with Utica National and I'm very happy I did."

David & Rita M. after a full glass loss: “We depend on our agents to know how to solve our questions. We have never been disappointed!"

Carol O. after a collision: “I was very impressed by the quick adjustment and payment - really amazing. My claim was handled in two days. I was always treated courteously both by your office and the main offices."

Scott & Hollie W. regarding a collision: “Our claim was completed in a timely manner. Our insurance agent was very helpful and knowledgeable."

Laura P.: “Thank you so much for your help. We really appreciate it."

Kevin & Ann K.: “Both The Burns Agency & NYCM people were most courteous."

Patricia B.: “Everyone is always very pleasant and willing to answer my questions. I'm very happy with your service over the years."

Barbara S. regarding a homeowners claim: “Thanks!!"

Scott & Rebecca H. after a full glass loss: “The service was prompt. The windshield was fixed within a few days."

Mark & Nancy T. after a fire: The adjuster "was wonderful. This happened Christmas day and The Burns Agency and adjuster were both terrific given that it was a holiday week. We are not only satisfied but extremely grateful."

Joseph P. after a collision: “The service rendered me by Julie was more than I could ask for. Thank you very much."

Cheryl P. regarding a collision: “Your office was great."

William and Esther M. after a collision: “We have always been pleased with the service from Julie and everyone else at the agency. All are polite, professional, and very considerate."

Jane A.: “Great service on The Burns Agency's and on the Claim Adjuster's part!"

Francis K. regarding a fire:  I was "very well treated. Always have had good results with agency personnel. Keep up the good work!"

Richard S. after a collision:  "The service was prompt and professional, the claim adjuster was pleasant. A very good quality care agency and insurance company. Great service."

Thomas & Diana A. regarding wind damage:  Were you treated competently and courteously? "Most definitely!!! Very quick response. Claim adjuster followed-up a few weeks later. Glad to do business with The Burns Agency, you put us with the right insurance companies."

Lyman & Danan C. after animal damage: We were "treated very well." The adjuster was "well informed and empathetic." Do you feel service was reasonably prompt? "Extremely so, we had a check cashed in 2 weeks. Travelers is amazing!"

Carolyn B. regarding a tow:  "I only had to make one phone call. The check arrived within days. Thank you."

Gaylord & Kathleen after wind damage:  "Have always had great service throughout the years"

Robert & Elizabeth after a collision:  "Everything was much less of a hassle than I feared it was going to be."

James C. regarding water damage:  "Mr. Brian Kney, the adjuster was very proficient and professional. I received the check promptly. Thank you New York Central Mutual and The Burns Agency."

Thomas & Cynthia H. regarding a collision:  "Always professional."

Gretchen M. after a collision:  "Kemper is great to deal with. Same day service! Whenever I call The Burns Agency the staff is prompt, courteous & always helpful. I know I made the right choice in switching all my insurance needs/services to be handled by David (Burns) and his team! Thank you!"

Paul & Michelle S. regarding a collision:  "We were very pleased with the way everyone treated us and by how fast the work was done on our car. From start to finish everyone involved in this claim was very nice. I had no problems at all with this claim, I am very happy to have The Burns Agency and Safeco as my auto insurer. A+"

Joseph & Irene K. after a collision:  ""Excellent service. Very prompt - thanks for that. Julie Freemire is super great - can't beat her attention to this incident."

Jill W. regarding a collision:  "I felt secure in the knowledge that my claim would be handled promptly. I spoke with Julie right after the accident and by the time I hung up, I knew what was going to happen and when to expect it. Thank you so much."

William O. regarding a collision:  "Very happy with the process."

Dorothy M. after water damage:  Although he was courteous, "I thought that the adjustor could be a little more 'Johnny on the spot.' However, it turned out fine. Received check from insurance company on Monday." (date of loss was prior Wednesday)

Robert & Mary regarding a collision:  "The help I received at the agency was EXCELLENT."

Stan & Chiquita L. after a collision:  "Excellent service"

John & Susan H. regarding a tow:  "Great service."

Thomas & Diana A. after water damage:  "Best dealings I have ever had with an insurance agent and company - Thank you."

Anne D.:  "Thanks! Wendy! I am always impressed with how quickly you respond to my various requests. You set the bar high!"

C.K.:  "The Burns Agency customer service is AWESOME!"

Wayne D.: "My experience has always been excellent. My concerns/questions are always addressed quickly and professionally. I have always dealt with Julie Freemire at The Burns Agency who, in my opinion, does a great job and is always, as they say, in my corner."

Brian O.: "Great people, great service!"

Donna K.: "The process was painless. Prompt, courteous, accomodating. Very, very pleased."

Leman G.: "The claim was handled immediately and in a professional manner. A payment check to repair the damages was provided the same day when the claims adjuster arrived to survey the damage to the window."

Emily J.: "Julie was extremely helpful and kind. Even calling a few days later just to see if I need anything."

Bonnie B.: "Julie at the Burns Agency was very friendly, polite and helpful, as always. The adjuster Joanne Miller was friendly and helpful also."

Mary M.: "I find Travelers to be extremely easy to deal with. I have absolutely no complaints."

Patricia F.: "Julie was so very kind and helpful. She filled out papers and made phone calls for me."

David L.: "Julie is always great."

Sally P.: "Julie is very very professional—always answers any and all of our concerns."

Katharine K.: "I always have an excellent experience with The Burns Agency. I value the one-on-one personal help and the interest in my needs."

John W.: "I'm completely satified with the service."

Scott M.: "They went above and beyond to make sure I was aware of the process and progress."

John and Jane M.: "The service was excellent. We could not be more pleased with the service we received from our local agent, Julie, and from our claim adjuster Jessica Pendygraft."

Barbara O.: "Julie at The Burns Agency was very helpful in answering questions and helping with paperwork."

Gail S.: "The staff provided excellent help and information."

Karl S. after an auto claim: "The installer of glass went over and above what was required of him."

Tanya B. after an auto claim: "I called my agent Julie and she got right on it. I immediately received a call from [the company] and put on a a 3 way. Everything was set up in a matter of minutes!... If not for The Burns Agency, we would have been servicing ourselves."

D. W. & B. W. after an auto claim: "Courteous and prompt" "If your car is totaled and you have a rental you should get more than one day after you get your check to turn in the rental, so you can purchase a new car" Our response for people reading this:  in many cases when a car is totaled, the parties know it from the start and can start looking for a replacement car then. Sometimes the extent of damage is not obvious. In those cases, the company adjuster generally has a discussion with you and advises you of the settlement amount and asks you to send in the keys and signed-over title. At that point you know to start shopping for a replacement. The company then, generally, releases the claim check for the totaled vehicle when they receive the keys and title.


Comments date back as far as February 2011 and are current to October 2018

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