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Here's what our clients have to say about us. We LOVE our clients and THANK them for their comments!!

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Robert R. regarding an auto claim: “Our representative kept us informed and notified us at every step.”

Roger M. regarding a homeowners claim: “Nice guys!”

William M. regarding an auto claim: "The whole repair process was very easy for me. This was unfortunately the second time and both events were handled very well."

Emily H. regarding an auto claim: "Julie, as always, was most helpful. It's so nice to have the support service to fill out paperwork."

David W. regarding an auto claim: "Service was very prompt. I believe the service was above and beyond. I have no complaints at all. I'm very happy with how it was handled."

Adam V. regarding a homeowners claim: "The Burns Agency was great, but it took a little while for Kemper to get back to us after the adjuster had come out. I had to call to get the report."

Scott F. regarding an auto claim: "Service was prompt. Fast return on the check."

Rachel M. regarding an auto claim: "All involved made the process easy, quick and efficient. I can't thank everyone enough!"

Michael S. regarding an auto claim: "Lindsay made me feel comfortable with my questions and went out of her way to make sure I had all the information—even offering to call for me."

Sonia T. regarding an auto claim: "No complaints—couldn't have had a better response."

Douglas L. regarding an auto claim: "It's always a pleasure to do business with The Burns Agency. I know they will be helpful and available."

Anne F. regarding an auto claim: "Thank you so much to Julie Freemire, who explained the whole process. It was my first glass-loss claim and my first claim with a new-to-me insurance company. Using an insurance broker makes everything so much easier."

Steve B. regarding an auto claim: "Excellent service. Julie is awesome!"

Stuart F. regarding an auto claim: "The Burns Agency was very helpful and took care of everything. Id id not have to worry. Julie was right on it and my claim was handled faster than I ever expected. She was great! Thank you!"

Christy M. regarding an auto claim: "Very personable and compassionate. Excellent service provided by all."

Gary Z. regarding an auto claim: "It was a smooth process."

Patricia B.: "Everyone is friendly and very willing to find answers to your questions."

Carol K. regarding a homeowner claim: "Lindsay always takes care and solves problems for me. I wish all my "care givers" were at the Burns Agency!"

Ruth M. regarding an auto claim: "Smoothly handled in all aspects—very pleased!"

William W. regarding a homeowner claim: "Office has wonderful and helpful staff. I am pleased."

Gary Z. regarding an auto claim: "Claim process went better than expected. Service was prompt."

John B. regarding an auto claim: "Great service!"

John H. regarding an auto claim: “Very good service.”

Nancy C. regarding an auto claim: “I was very pleased with my experience with Travelers. Everyone was professional and very helpful.”

Joseph K. regarding an auto claim: “We were very pleased with how the claim was handled.”

John W. regarding a homeowner claim: “Completely satisfied with The Burns Agency and Travelers Insurance during this incident.”

Howard L. regarding a homeowner claim: “Thanks to The Burns Agency, especially David Burns and Julie, both showed us compassion and expressed concern.”

Onno O. regarding an auto claim: “I was amazed at how efficient the claims process was, and how the insurance company—Safeco—coordinated with the car rental and body copy to save me time and energy.”

Makino R. regarding a homeowner claim: “Fastest service ever, in my experience! First class, responsive, and followed up. Excellent!”

Gathelee T. regarding a homeowner claim: “Very courteous and helpful.”

Robert T.: "This is the second time we have had to put in a claim. In both cases we were very pleased with the whole process."

John F. regarding an auto claim: "Great experience."

Robert and Ginger L.: "We are greatly pleased with the home and auto policies Lindsay was able to negotiate for us. In particular, Lindsay found us home insurance that is hard to find for an older mobile home at a reasonable price."

Lisa S. regarding an auto claim: "Everyone I contacted was helpful and knowledgeable."

Kendrick and Francine A. regarding an auto claim: "Prompt and very polite."

David and Leslie B. regarding an auto claim: "Julie went above and beyond to be helpful."

Thomas and Catherine P. regarding an auto claim: "The service was very prompt. We enjoy local service."

Jay and Hermine W. regarding an auto and home claim: "I found both adjusters to be very thoughtful and helpful."

Emil N. regarding an auto claim: "Very pleasant and helpful."

Jill A. regarding an auto claim: "Julie was so helpful!"

Judith A. regarding a homeowner claim: "Julie was terrific and helpful."

John and Stacy Z. regarding a homeowner claim: "Everyone was friendly and very helpful."

Judith S. regarding a homeowner claim: "Michael with Utica National Insurance Group handled our air condition loss claim very efficiently."

John and Kathleen S. regarding an auto claim: "Everything went really smooth."

Robert M. and Jennifer R. regarding a homeowner claim: "Fantastic service, attentiveness and professionalism."

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Comments date back as far as February 2011 and are current to March 2017

From our iPad Contest during the summer of 2012, we received these great comments:

“I'm the 3rd generation of my family with Burns and we have always been happy with your service.”

“The Burns Agency has always gone above and beyond for me to make sure I had the best coverage at the best price. I appreciate everything they've done for me.”

“Great idea! No need for other insurance.”

“Julie is GREAT!!!”

“Both my home and auto have been secured by The Burns Agency. They have been my company for many years.”

To send us your comments by email, click here.


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